Yava Do is a native of Fort Worth, Texas who had a dream. Her dream was to enter into the Barbering business and give someone a chance like someone gave her. Here is her story.

THE JOURNEY: The road to barbering was not and easy one for her. When she graduated high school her mother wanted her to attend college in East Texas, so she did for two years. After returning home Yava Do worked in Broadcasting for about two years. While she was there she got into some trouble and unfortunately caught a felony case. Shortly after, she was laid off and could not find employment. One day she was faxing a resume and stumbled upon a barber college by her house. She went inside and asked for info. Yava Do went home, read the information, and inside read "If you are on probation or parole, you are eligible for a scholarship". The next day she went in and did and interview and was granted a full scholarhip to "Diamonds Barber College". After that, she built clientele and decided to further her eduation. She attended Williams Barber College and Finished for her Barber Instructors License. Yava Do's dream is to open up a learning institution in barbering to pass on the skills to people who desire to learn and give someone a chance that someone once gave her. She is a Believer...She is Strong..She is her Testimony...She is......YAVA DO